Today I was reviewing the second part of the qLib nodes and also did a writeup of all the nodes I found valueable for myself. I only reviewed nodes of the OBJ and SOP level.

The ones I will be using very regularly are colored orange. The rest of the sorting is in no particular (although most of it is alphabetical) order.

The header image is using the hexagrid, superellipse and pathdeform ql nodes.


  • envlight_ql: An enhanced version of the original Environment Light. (Gamma correction!!)
  • aim_ql: Like the aim VOP, but in OBJ
  • camera_frustrum_ql: Object-level wrapper for Camera Frustrum qL SOP.
  • camera_plane_ql: Object-level wrapper for Camera Plane qL SOP.
  • camera_rig_ql: Camera rig for cinematic camera motion creation.
  • distance_ql: Measures the distance between two objects.
  • onion_skin_ql: Convenience animation tool to evaluate poses and trajectories of objects.
  • super_light_ql: A superellipse-shaped area light source.


  • attr_visualize_ql: Attribute Visualisation SOP with great features.
  • attrib_builder_ql: Creation/manipulation of geometry attributes using a series of basic operations. Similar to the new point sop.
  • fluidsource_ql: An optimized variant of the original Fluid Source SOP. Regular Fluid Source SOPs can be replaced with the “Change Type” menu item to this node type, and it will produce (almost) the same results. (Make sure to enable “Keep Parameters” when switching the node type.)
  • camera_frustrum_ql: Creates a camera frustrum (solid/wire)
  • noise_ql: Easy noise attribute creation
  • spiral_ql: Spiral
  • volume_visualize_ql: Volume visualize based on rasterisation
  • switch_off_ql: The classic switch with a nullnode at the 2nd input
  • attrib_grow_ql: Grows attribute to neighbours
  • bend_ql: Bend SOP with better/more features
  • bias_deformer_ql: Deforms geometry by applying bias/gain value adjustments along the main axes
  • bounds_ql: Similar to Bounds SOP, with addition of being able to have animation ghosting.
  • camera_plane_ql: Builds a exact geometric representation of a camera view plane at a specified distance.
  • camera_project_ql: Projects geometry to camera clipping plane
  • clip_by_bounds_ql: Discard geometry outside of a bounding box (or a convex shape). Good for using with camera_frustrum_ql
  • deform_pcloud_ql: Deforms geometry by arbitrary point cloud.
  • distance_ql: Measures and displays the distance between two geometry points.
  • group_grow_ql: grows group to neighbours
  • group_visualize_ql: Visualization of geometry groups (points or primitives).
  • hexagrid_ql: Generates a grid of regular hexagons.
  • matchpointsorder_ql: Tries to match point order of a geometry by using the order from a 2nd (reference) geometry.
  • maze_ql: Builds a maze from polylines on the horizontal plane.
  • motion_trail_ql: Builds a motion path curve of an object (OBJ level)
  • occlusion_ql: Calculates ambient occlusion and stores it in per-point attribute(s).
  • path_deform_ql: Slides and deforms geometry along a curve.
  • polywirecurves_ql: Easy wireframe extraction
  • pre_export_ql: Fixes bevor exporting to other DCCs
  • rest_position_ql: Better rest position node
  • rivet_ql: Like rivet OBJ, but in SOP
  • round_corners_ql: Replaces points (i.e. corners) with circular arcs in polygonal curves.
  • rounded_rectangle_ql: Round rectangle
  • smooth_points_ql: Smooth SOP with other smoothing operations
  • snap_ql: Point snapping by PClookup
  • split_multi_ql: Splits curves into parts
  • star_ql: Star with additional settings like gaps at the tips
  • superellipse_ql: Ellipse with exponent
  • symmetry_ql: Mirrors the shape of a geometry based on topological symmetry
    taper_ql: better taper
  • thickness_ql: Thickness SOP casts a ray in the opposing direction of the normal and stores the distance of the first surface hit.
  • triangle_grid_ql: Triangle grid
  • twist_ql: Better twist
  • uvquickshade_ql: Better quickshade
  • vector_jitter_ql: Applies random adjustments to lengths/angles of per-point vector attributes.
  • volume_retime_ql: Evaluates an already-simulated volumetric at any subframe, using velocity-based advection.
  • xform_to_bbox_ql: Clamps or fits the input geometry into the bounding box of a secondary geometry.