Today I was reviewing the small brother of qLib: aeLib

The ones I will be using very regularly are colored orange. The rest of the ones I found useful are sorted in no particular order.

The header image is using ae_CurveDuplicator and ae_CurveSeperator.

  • ae_CurveDuplicator: Great to duplicate couple of curves with randomizations

  • ae_MultiCurveBlend: Awesome to interpolate between curves. Features include skinning and interpolation ramps

  • ae_CurveSeparate: (WIP) Great way to create static non-intersecting curves from couple of curves and collisiongeo.

  • ae_RampManager: Awesome way to quickly create ramps from presets.

  • ae_AttribChop: All of your quick animation CHOP needs in one node.

  • ae_CurveJoiner: Join curves based on input values

  • ae_PairConnect: Connects curves/points based on groups

  • ae_CurveCutter: Cuts up curve with the feature of dashing

  • ae_FaceSlider: Insets every face for n iterations and offsets the iterations by margins

  • ae_AxisTransform: Transforms the input Geometry by an input axis.

  • ae_ColourCorrect: Collourcorrects the CD attribute of points/prims/vertices

  • ae_ChaoticAttractor: Creates chaoticattractor shapes

  • ae_Containment: Contains points (or pushes outside) of an input geometry

  • ae_AttribPromotePiece: Promotes an attribute based on the name attribute with promotion methods (like average, min etc.)

  • ae_PhyllotacticSpiral: Creates points based on the phyllotactic algorithm

  • ae_ParametricCurve: Creates curves based on parametric algorithms

  • ae_MatchSize: Matches the size (and translation) of two input geometries

  • ae_LaplacianSmooth: Smoothes a geometry based on the Laplacian algorithm

  • ae_JohnsonSolid: Creates different kinds of Johnson SOlids

  • ae_QuickSoftbox: Quickly create a softbox

  • ae_RoundCorners: Rounds corners of every primitive

  • ae_CurveDuplicator: Great to duplicate couple of curves with randomizations

  • ae_Polyhedron: Creates different kinds of Polyhedrons

  • ae_Plexus: Similar to the plexus AE plugin or the connect adjacent pieces with input points

  • ae_SphericalSpiral: Create a spherical spiral

  • ae_Slicer: Slices Geometry into slices of stated with and direction