General Tips

These are some things I did (or wish I did more of), when learning Houdini.

  • Download (pretty much) every .hip/.hipnc file you can find online. Use them to learn techniques from advanced users and develop your own workflow. There are always small tricks you can learn from these files. Do not advertise them as your own though!

  • Always have the documentation open! Always.

  • Go through and follow every tutorial of Matt Estela’s Website. Do it. It’s one of the best things out there, ever.

  • If you already have substential basic Houdini knowledge and want to lern a new topic. Watch the sidefx masterclass about it.

  • Just play around and have fun with different projects from time to time. You will learn a lot of different tricks and workflows.

  • Watch Rohan Dalvi’s Houdini stuff.

  • Do some of Peter Quint’s tutorials. They’re old, but still very good!

  • Be active on forums and chats and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • More to come..!