These are some Python tools I developed to speed up my own and my colleagues’ workflow.

Hou – Quick Visualiser

Shelftool to quickly add a viewport visualiser for a primitive/point attribute

Hou – Quick Visualiser List

Shelftool to quickly add a preset list of  primitive/point attribute to preview in the viewport

Hou – Clear All Visualisers

Shelftool to quickly remove all visualisers

Hou – Update Toggle

Shelftool to toggle between manual and auto update of node cooking

Hou – Simulation Toggle

Shelftool to toggle between enabling and disabling all simulations

Hou – Write Nodes To Textfile

Shelftool to pack nodes into a subnet with the name of the current user of the operating system. Then writing out that subnet with all its inherited nodes to a textfile. Works best with the script below this one.

Hou – Read Nodes From Textfile

Shelftool to get nodes from a textfile. You can chose from what user you want to get the latest saved node from. Works best with the script above this one.

More to come..!

More to come..!