These are small wrangles I constantly use in my workflow and are hopefully useful to you as well. I will be adding more in the future, since some of the ones I use are still experimental. Also, if you have any cool wranglespresets, please share! Also let them run over points (if not specified otherwise).

Point Cloud Smoother

Lets you smooth a specified Attribute with the pcfilter function

Threshold Deleter

Deletes points if a specified (randomized) attribute is below a certain threshold.

Add Center Point

RUN OVER DETAIL | This adds a point at the center of the bbox of your input. You can also chose if you want to delete all other points.

Attribute From Input  Copy

Copies a point attribute from another input.

Point Cloud Attribute Transfer

Transfers an attribute from the point cloud of another input.

Attribute Visualizer

Deletes the current color and visualizes an attribute with the Cd.x attribute.

Camera Frustrum Deleter

Deletes points outside the frustrum of the specified camera with a padding.

Get Transform From OBJ Node

Gets the transformation of an obj Node (like a camera) and applies it to the current transformation.

Random Attribute Creator

Creates a random attribute and puts it into a ramp, fit and multiply function. Kind of a more simple Attribute Randomize node.

Length of Vector Attribute Creator

Creates an attribute for the length of a vector (e.g. create a speed attribute for velocity).

Vector Along Surface Generator

This creates a vector attribute, that flows along the surface of the input geometry. You can specify the flow direction.

Vector Attribute Creator From Inputs

Create a (normalized) vector attribute that uses the direction from inputs. E.g. Input1:scattered pts Input2:single starting point(P1), Input2:single direction point(P2). Points get a vector attribute: vecAttrib = P2-P1

More to come..!