The LEGO Movie 2

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During Captain Marvel I had the incredible possiblity to support a medium sized team of FX Artists as the FX TD, helping them be more flexible and efficient. Read more at Animal Logic’s Blog.

Responsibilities included

  • Working closely together with a team of artists and my supervisor/lead to create tools needed for new challenges
  • Maintaining and developing tools for a large VFX pipeline
  • Adjusting and optimizing existing tools/workflows to enhance speed, features and user experience
  • Providing training and presentations for newly developed tools
  • Developing tools for USD integration within DCCs and the pipeline itsself
  • Redesigning the front end of a large existing CFX rig
  • Working together with SideFX on implementing new features for Houdini
  • Flexibly developing scripts for one-off immediate issues and artist requests
The LEGO Movie 2