• sidefx’s Houdini documentation

    Something everyone should always have open at all times. Also: vex documentation

  • odforce

    The forum pretty much every Houdini user knows and probably even more used than sidefx’s own forum.

  • Matt Estela’s cgwiki

    This is probably the best site for learning Houdini out there. He tackles pretty much everything, from copy stamping to python. He’s currently the FX Lead at Animal Logic.


    Two guys who work at Aixsponza explain and implement many different procedural techniques. Most of the stuff they’re doing becomes FOTY (flavour of the month) within the community community. Curlnoise curves on top of geometry, differential growth and shortest path growth, just to name a few.

  • Peter Quint’s videos

    The OG Houdini tutorial guy.

  • Rohan Dalvi

    If you’re looking to learn Houdini, you probably already know him. He has great starting tutorials on vimeo.

  • eetu’s dailyhip

    One of the most popular odforce users recently created his own blog. He also created so many more things before he started his blog. You can find them on his odforce thread.

  • qLib

    qLib is a digital asset library. It is a collection of great tools, that enhance everyone’s workflow. Here is a writeup of the nodes I find most useful.

  • Toadstorm’s Blog

    He has some really, really useful information and great explanations.

  • Think Procedural Discord Channel

    Chat with many, many interesting (and kind of pupular) people from the Houdini Community. Join them/us for interesting talks about Houdini, VFX, Games or just chat with like-minded people.


    A Houdini FX Artist currently working for The Mill. He is streaming pretty much every sunday. He has his own discord community and is sharing very useful tips and tricks, as well as some of his own projects.

  • Houdini Tricks

    Many cool Houdini tricks in with in-depth descriptions.

  • SideFX masterclasses

    Masterclasses to a whole bunch of different topics.

  • Richard Lord’s Website

    Cool experiments with .hip files.

  • Gridmarket’s featured artists

    Lots of very talented people share some projects and their making of.

  • Petz’s odforce submitted posts

    Not directly a website in that sense, but too good not to share. So many hipfiles with great techniques.


    Alessandro Pepe with lots of different and cool FX.

  • fxmason blogspot

    András Király’s complex FX setups showcasing.

  • Riory CG Memo

    Really cool collection of snippets, tips and expressions. I’d love to know who this guy is..

  • aeLib

    Awesome collection of HDAs. I did a review of them here.

  • MIX Training

    Varomix’s tutorial series. He is very involved in the Houdini community and does some really cool stuff.

  • Scatter Tutorials

    Really cool tutorials to get interested in Houdini. Cool effects, simple but creatively done.

  • Cut and …

    Japanese/English wiki and Blog. Loads of interesting stuff.

  • I, Houdini

    Blogspot with all kinds of different setups.

  • Doctor Hou Doodles

    Another Blogspot with all kinds of different setups.

  • Let’s Houdini

    Houdini Blog with lots of great ideas.

  • Juraj Tomori’s blog

    Awesome RnDs and setups.

  • Jiri Miratsky’s Laboratory

    Awesome little tipps and tricks.

  • More to come..!