Shades of Orange is about sharing ressources that people found essential learning Houdini and also sharing my own projects and techniques that helped me create them.

About me

I am Manuel Köster and I have been working in the computer graphics field for roughly 5 years for film, animation, VFX and game productions. There I have taken on roles within several departments such as environments, pipeline, FX and CFX. Within these roles I have been pushing forward technologies, leading teams as well as making pixels pretty. 3D applications like Houdini as well as Python and VEX are my go to tools to manage productions and deadlines.

I’m very passionate about tech involving procedural and automation tools which are blurring the line between tech and art. I have experience in a wide range of topics regarding computer graphics, computer science and UX to help studios develop workflows suiting their needs.

Knowledge sharing and teaching are topics particularly close to me, which lead to this website, university courses and internal company courses. Having people and tech succeed due to my inputs gives me endless joy.


I hope you found some of my content useful. If you have any questions, or just want so say Hi, feel free to get in touch. I am always willing to share. Also if you have any suggestions on what is missing, or someone would appreciate finding on a site like this, please let me know.

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