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09/04/2017 The grass is always greener on the Houdini side! | New schedule!

April 10th, 2017|

Today I did some grass simulation and geometry creation today. I tried to do it many different ways, but I went with a hair simulation where I copied and deformed the simulated curves that I polylofted along their normal and bitangent. It still is kind of unstable and the simulation is still way off, but it’s a start.


For now I will be streaming on Wednesdays and Fridays, since I have loads of work to do for uni now. I will focus more on Quick-Tipps and getting stuff on the website in the upcoming weeks.

If you happen to have a question for me on days I am not streaming, just shoot me a message on one of the social media platforms, discord, comments on one of the blogposts or my email you can find at the bottom.

08/04/2017 RIP Uli | Quick Tipp series and scene optimizations

April 8th, 2017|

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Semester started again and there really was no time to continue the last couple of days. I will have to create a schedule for the semester very soon as well to keep up with everything.

BTT. Today I started the Quick-Tipp series and also continued the scene optimizations of Uli Baier’s “Wurstschneiden”. This is the outcome. He will continue and make the pieces bendable and fix some of the unrealistic behaviour in the future.

With the Quick-Tipp series I am trying to keep every video below 1 minute and still show something to (intermediate) Houdini users.

04/04/2017 Bloody Python! | Blood Drop Part 2

April 4th, 2017|

Today I wanted to continue the Blood Drop setup and also do some Python.

After couple of more hours I just didn’t get the Blood Drop to naturally occur, since it either was two setups and looked out of place, or it was a constant stream of blood.

What I basically did, was to split up the result of the streamy sim into two parts: The drop and the upper part.

The upper part gets transformed to an earlier state after couple of frames and the drop just behaves like in the sim.

In python I created a tool to easily create the “opinputpath” expression for easy input control within DOP-networks. I will add it to the Python Subwebsite soon.

03/04/2017 Blood Drop Part 1

April 4th, 2017|

Today’s session was a pretty long one. Although I am not content with my result, I learned quite a bit.

For example how to properly get scalarfields into DOPs. And additionally use them to stick flip fluids to a collision object.

Also, that you have to plug in your velocity source for your flipsolver into the 3rd input instead of the 4th. It will shop up in as guides if you turn it on, but it won’t function. Sooo, remember to plug it into the 3rd input kids!

01/04/2017 Semester Project “Reflection” Part 1

April 2nd, 2017|

Today I started working on my last semester project again. We want to submit it to couple of festivals, so we have to squeeze out the last 5%.

My task was to start creating the intro. We decided on creating it with the letters “Reflection” shaded kind of like Diamonds. It should be animated as well, so it looks like it currently gets written.


31/03/2017 Christmas time!

March 31st, 2017|

After my Stranger Things session I wanted to do some lightbulbs. So I created a setup with hanging wires, lightbulbs and connection-screws. The screws are instanced, the bulbs are not, since they have varying color. Some additional comp in Nuke.

30/03/2017 Fencing around | Knitting vol. 2

March 31st, 2017|

I lied in the Title. This wasn’t created on the 30.03.2017 but rather one day after. Why?

I took my Basketballknit setup and tuned it to work on a grid and added ends for the sides. Also I let it go along a curve. My steps for this were:

  • Measure curve’s perimeter
  • Reference it into the width of the grid
  • Reference the width with a multiplier for the divisions
  • Get the rel XBBOX of the points on the grid.
  • Input the rel XBBOX at the u input of the getPrimAttribute and get the position of the curvepoint at that specific u point
  • Set X/Z to the recieved position
  • Add recieved Y position on top of the current one
  • voilà

Here you can see the setup in action:

29/03/2017 Tools, Tools, Tools Session 1

March 29th, 2017|

Looking at all these HDA’s the last couple of days was inspiring. So I wanted to have a go at some of my HDA ideas. I started out by a vectorToFloat-floatToVector workflow enhancement and then started working at a improved version of the env-light with options to CC the HDR.

28/03/2017 Piggybacking off aeLib | Reviewing aeLib

March 29th, 2017|

Today I was reviewing the small brother of qLib: aeLib

The ones I will be using very regularly are colored orange. The rest of the ones I found useful are sorted in no particular order.

The header image is using ae_CurveDuplicator and ae_CurveSeperator.

  • ae_CurveDuplicator: Great to duplicate couple of curves with randomizations

  • ae_MultiCurveBlend: Awesome to interpolate between curves. Features include skinning and interpolation ramps

  • ae_CurveSeparate: (WIP) Great way to create static non-intersecting curves from couple of curves and collisiongeo.

  • ae_RampManager: Awesome way to quickly create ramps from presets.

  • ae_AttribChop: All of your quick animation CHOP needs in one node.

  • ae_CurveJoiner: Join curves based on input values

  • ae_PairConnect: Connects curves/points based on groups

  • ae_CurveCutter: Cuts up curve with the feature of dashing

  • ae_FaceSlider: Insets every face for n iterations and offsets the iterations by margins

  • ae_AxisTransform: Transforms the input Geometry by an input axis.

  • ae_ColourCorrect: Collourcorrects the CD attribute of points/prims/vertices

  • ae_ChaoticAttractor: Creates chaoticattractor shapes

  • ae_Containment: Contains points (or pushes outside) of an input geometry

  • ae_AttribPromotePiece: Promotes an attribute based on the name attribute with promotion methods (like average, min etc.)

  • ae_PhyllotacticSpiral: Creates points based on the phyllotactic algorithm

  • ae_ParametricCurve: Creates curves based on parametric algorithms

  • ae_MatchSize: Matches the size (and translation) of two input geometries

  • ae_LaplacianSmooth: Smoothes a geometry based on the Laplacian algorithm

  • ae_JohnsonSolid: Creates different kinds of Johnson SOlids

  • ae_QuickSoftbox: Quickly create a softbox

  • ae_RoundCorners: Rounds corners of every primitive

  • ae_CurveDuplicator: Great to duplicate couple of curves with randomizations

  • ae_Polyhedron: Creates different kinds of Polyhedrons

  • ae_Plexus: Similar to the plexus AE plugin or the connect adjacent pieces with input points

  • ae_SphericalSpiral: Create a spherical spiral

  • ae_Slicer: Slices Geometry into slices of stated with and direction