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To be published 😎

Neural Rigging for Houdini using RigNet, PDG and KineFX.

  • SOP and TOP based Digital assets
  • Procedural neural skeleton creation
  • Plugs directly into KineFX

You’re not a rigger, but still want to make use of SideFX’s new KineFX toolset for characters?
You want to make use of ML inside Houdini?

Then HRigNet is for you!

What is HRigNet / Rignet?

HRignet is a Houdini / PDG plugin for RigNet.

RigNet is a neural network for character rig creation. It takes your character as an input and outputs a rig for it in the process without any user interaction involved other than some parameters.

What is great about HRigNet?

HRigNet interacts with RigNet and plugs into Houdini direclty like you would expect. The output rig from RigNet is directly usable within KineFX by using HRigNet.

HRigNet is based on PDG, so it also lets you easily create rigs for a multitude of characters or try out different resolutions for your rigs.

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