About Me

I am Manuel Köster, I am currently working as an FX TD at Animal Logic Sydney. I joined AL straight after graduating from my uni course Animation & Game at the Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany. Within my studies I did an FX Internship at RISE FX Berlin. I am very passionate about Houdini and its community, trying to convince as many people as possible to try it out. I love doing research on complex subjects, optimizing workflows and helping other people out. I started using Houdini roughly 4 years ago and have pretty much now transferred all of my workflow to it.

My Experiences

The main Tools I am using everyday include Houdini, its renderer Mantra, Redshift as well as Foundy Nuke. But I am willing to learn any Software that is beneficial to the team or the current project. I have been doing 3D work for 5 years, focussing on more and more technical parts of the CG Pipeline. I just love solving Problems!

I am experienced in VEX and Python to automate and speed up my and other people’s workflows. Within the world of FX I have experience doing Particle-, Pyro/Smoke-, Rigid/Softbody-, Fluid-Simulations as well as writing my own solvers to serve the project’s needs.

In my Internship I could gain experience for FX in high-end Films and Animation. At my time at RISE FX I could also write Tools for other artists, which one of my favourite tasks. Providing tools for other Artists and speeding up their workflows. This is also why I built this website. To help other people do what I love doing.

At AL I’ve been mostly supporting my artists with tools and supporting them with anything they need to make our project succeed. It has been a great pleasure to work with such great minds like Matt Ebb, Miles Green or Jacob Santamaria.

My Curriculum Vitae

Showreel 2018 Q1




  • Trees – Space Colonization Algorithm
  • Particles
  • Rigid Body Destruction
  • Diamond Morph
  • Blood Drop Sequence
  • All Compositing

PW: notion


  • 2D Pencil Shader
  • Procedural Curve Animation Tool & FX
  • Chameleon Rig
  • Chameleon String & Deformation Setup
  • Flower Procedural Animation Setup
  • Clouds Lookdev
  • Clouds Tool
  • All Clouds Deformations
  • All Compositing


  • Sparks
  • Smoke


  • Rigid Body Simulation
  • Smoke FX
  • Cartoon FX
  • Rain FX