Crysis Remastered

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Peter Rabbit 2 was the project that brought me back to AL. Or maybe it was just AL being very awesome. The project had the unfortunate timing of wanting to be released around the time Covid got to a Pandemic level. So it might take a reaally long time until it is released on DVD.

I was a mix of an Artist and TD during my time there. Production provided me with a lot of difficult/complex collision shots, while I also tried to contribute to several pipeline topics like PDG and automatic hair/cloth review tools.

My responsibilities included

  • Worked on numerous Character Effects including Cloth, Hair and complex Collisions
  • Created tools to automate the review process of Character FX
  • Worked on a PDG integration for a inhouse Rendermanagement Software
  • Proactively developed procedural Character Effects toolsets for future projects
  • Collborated with different departments to track down USD related issues
  • Held presentations for artists/supervisor of different tools created
Crysis Remastered