Crysis 4 (Working Title)
Houdini ML digit recognition

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Scatter Matter is a procedural scattering and layout toolset that is focused around using Houdini’s great data workflows.

See the full preview here. Password is scattermatter


Mask based scattering

  • Over 15 different mask creation/modification options
  • 10 Mask blending options similar to Photoshop/Nuke
  • Hierarchical scattering

Transformation and Probablility options for Objects

  • Control transformations via masks
  • Control object probabilities via masks

Use existing Houdini objects from things like RBD or USD stages with a “name” attribute


Manual placement hda

  • fully integrated into the toolset with probability and transforms taking full effect
  • recursive placement
  • efficient backend caching
Crysis 4 (Working Title)
Houdini ML digit recognition